god, white women give me acute stomach pains 

white mediocrity is once again uplifted

Soo… Did you guys see that post about how it’s really gross to make fun of people for the things they like?? Because I really don’t see the point if a girl wants to wear uggs and drink Starbucks and listen to Taylor Swift then fucking let her jesus christ. Calling each other “basic bitches” is just another way of putting girls down for liking things marketed towards them and fuck that. Stop making girls feel insecure about liking things FUCK.

Little white girl basic bitch, for the umpteenth time, does not mean that one likes “the simple things. “
it means that the person or thing  as a whole is mediocre. The writers for Cosmo ease dropping on conversations taking place within the black community  on tumblr heard the things we said about basic white women being uplifted as the pinnacle of beauty via white supremacy, and turned it into white women in general liking the simple things in life.
The articles are dead wrong. The people that wrote them heard something black people say and took it out of context and are now misinforming all of you.
ANYONE can be basic
ANYTHING can be basic.
It’s not about white girls all the time.
This is not about you liking uggs and pumpkin lattes
And you would know that if white folks that don’t understand anything about african american vernacular english would stay the hell out of our conversations.

Leon The Professional, 1994


In order for white elites in Latin America to claim the land as their own they used “mestizaje” as way to say this land is mine too because my great great grand mother was indigenous.

This is no different than when white people in the US dress up as “Native Americans” and claim it’s not racist because they are 1/18th Native America.

Different country, same bullshit.

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