This is for my project, deconstruction of the body. Its a real, whole, skeleton that used to belong to a deer.
End the use of Racial Slurs and Racist Mascots in sports



Reappropriate has the full list of AAPI bloggers and journalists in solidarity with #NotYourMascot, along with this list of petitions to sign:

Act Now!

Here are many ongoing ways you can participate:

  1. Sign this petition by 18millionrising (@18millionrising) telling Dan Snyder and the Washington R*dskins that you do not support their team name and mascot!
  2. Sign this petition by EONM (@EONMassoc) over at, opposing the Washington R*dskins!
  3. Send an email ( or a snail mail letter (Dan Snyder c/o Redskin Park; 21300 Redskin Park Dr.; Ashburn, VA 20147) to the Washington R*dskins administration asking them to change the team name.
  4. Participate in the #Not4Sale campaign to protest Dan Snyder’s offensive creation of a “philanthropic” organization to purchase the goodwill of Native people. Retweet photos shared to this hashtag to help send the message that Native people are not for sale.
  5. Bookmark Eradication of Native Mascotry (EONM) and follow them on Twitter (@eonmassoc)
  6. Please add any additional links you think would be useful to the comments section below as an additional resource.



don’t let anyone tell you how or to what degree you should identify with your culture. it doesn’t matter where you were born, where your parents were born, when you/they emigrated.

your experiences and feelings are valid, no matter how conflicting, dissonant, or confusing.

your identity can change. and you do not have to explain yourself to others.

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needs to be put up in every school